Job Title:  Director of Strategic Initiatives

Job Duties: Lead strategic and business planning related to promoting product platforms (consulting, BoP Global Network, and Emergent Institute).  Develop and promote product and service platforms in India, Latin America, and Africa. Develop technology incubator platform including sourcing appropriate technology, developing the commercialization strategy, and creating an effective eco system for sustainable growth of ventures. Manage relationships with a range of external audiences through sophisticated communications and analysis. Provide progress reports for financial, political, environmental and social contexts.  Conduct research on political, social and environmental challenges and opportunities of clients. Write proposals that identify areas of overlap between prospective clients in India and around the world. Establish and publish thought leadership through articles, reports, case studies. Establish and manage the day-to-day relationships with existing clients and base of support. Represent and make presentations at meetings and conferences with donors, investors, clients and other external audiences. Manage direct reports and develop team processes that promote a healthy and effective team culture, in-line with company values.

Work Location: 308 1/2 S. State Street Suite 32, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

Minimum Requirements:
Education: Master – Business Administration
Experience:  One (1) year

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