Take the Green Leap


When Stuart Hart and C.K. Prahalad introduced the Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid to business audiences in 2003, a new, global door opened on sustainability for companies seeking new sources of innovation. Learn more »


We work with many of the world's most innovative companies and organizations to create new markets, new customers, and new opportunities. Do you know where you stand? Take our Corporate Sustainability Assessment + more »


Our field-based approach has evolved over the past 20 years. From capacity building to on-the-ground delivery, we've developed a Green Leap Ecosystem, the leading BoP Protocol and a BoP Global Network. Learn more »

Nurturing the "Green Leap" Ecosystem


Enterprise for a Sustainable World (ESW) works directly with companies to develop and nurture the Green Leap Ecosystem necessary for sustainable enterprise.


Green Leap Ecosystem


We provide consulting services and education that facilitates effective clean technology, Base of the Pyramid (BoP), and Green Leap initiatives by firms. We focus simultaneously on the development of new strategies (business models, goals, and partnerships) and the removal of internal organizational impediments to change (systems, processes and mindsets) to accelerate “beyond greening” innovation.


Our approach has evolved over the past 20 years. We've developed a tested blueprint for the transformation to sustainability, including processes to help businesses solve wicked problems using "trickle-up" innovation. We also work with companies to develop the necessary skills needed to launch on-the-ground field experiments to incubate and scale the technologies and markets of tomorrow. This is all possible through our own experience and our extensive BoP global network.

“As we rebound from the brink of economic collapse, Stuart Hart proposes a sustainable, socially responsible model of capitalism and compels us to seize the opportunities afforded by a fresh start.”

—Bill Clinton,
Clinton Global Initiative and Former President of the United States